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Proposal Guidelines

Proposal Submissions for Summer/Fall 2016 Season are now being accepted  until

Friday March 25th at 5 PM!


Centre Gallery will be accepting proposals for the Spring 2016 season. Students, alumni, faculty, staff and non-affiliated artists may submit proposals.  We encourage each artist to explore the practice of exhibiting, utilizing the space in a way that bears his or her signature. Students interested in group collaborative projects or faculty members with special class projects are encouraged to submit proposals. Gallery exhibitions are two weeks in duration, but we can sometimes accommodate proposals of different lengths (for performance art, film, etc.).

The process for acceptance of an exhibition begins with the submission of a proposal, reviewing of the submission by a committee of students associated with the gallery and Center for Student Involvement, after the decisions will be announced via email or a phone call for accepted, alternate, and declined exhibitions, and, finally, a meeting will be set up for contract signing and final discussion about the exhibition.

Centre Gallery, established in 1984, is the only fully student run, non-profit, exhibition space in the state of Florida and is part of the USF Center for Student Involvement.  The gallery offers the university and Tampa Bay area various stimulating visual art experiences by showing innovative, contemporary art work.  Once submissions close the gallery staff and a select number of student workers of the Center for Student Involvement will come together as a committee to review and select the season’s exhibitions.


Proposals MUST* include the following information:

*Any proposal submitted without all necessary requirements will not be accepted.

1.  Show Title: Be sure this is the title you want for your show, once it has been submitted it cannot be changed due to being added to promotional materials.  Your show title should be a representation of the entire collection of works that you are proposing as a cohesive body of works.


2.  Statement of Intent: This should clearly describe the exhibition you are proposing in about 300 words. The clarity, creativity, and professionalism of your proposal will greatly influence the committee’s decision. Responding to the following questions within your proposal will aid the committee in understanding the work you want to exhibit, please include answers to all the following questions:

• Are you proposing a solo or group exhibition? What will be the theme? Will it be a curated or juried exhibition?
• What is the content of your work – what is it about, what are you trying to convey or explore?
• Will you be creating an environment, or using any special effects in the show? If so, how will you accomplish this?
• Is your work two- or three-dimensional? Installation? Performance? Video? Please give as thorough a description as possible. How will you utilize the gallery space?
• Will the work in your show be current, old, or new? Will it be the same work shown in the images?
• Are there time slots you would rather not be given because of previously scheduled commitments?


3.  Digital Images: Choose a selection of at least 10 images representative of your work. It is not required that the images are the same as what you plan to exhibit, but they should be representative examples of what you will show. If you are proposing a site-specific installation or an exhibition of new work in progress, include concept drawings of the project and in your statement clearly describe your new body of work. When preparing images:

• Include your name, the title, the medium used, the size, and the date of each piece on a corresponding slide list.
• Please put digital images on CD or DVD (emailed images will not be accepted).

For video and/or time-based work:
• Submit in DVD format
• Consider submitting clips of the most relevant video segments and include a more detailed description within the statement of intent (time-based works longer than 5 minutes may not be fully reviewed).
• Include a corresponding list with the titles of the works and their durations.

For Installation/Performance Art: If performance or installation aspects are included in the proposal, be sure to divulge as many specific details as possible. This helps to fully inform the selection committee about your proposed work.

* Remember the committee must judge your work by your images; therefore you will want to deliver high quality images. Proposals that do not include images will not be accepted.


4.  Artist Résumé/CV: Include your name, address, email and phone number(s). List your education, exhibitions and any other information you feel may be relevant. If this is your first written resume or CV, the following website is a valuable resource for what kind of information should be included. You may omit any categories that do not apply:


5.  Preferred Exhibition Dates: Please indicate by number from 1 to 5 for the summer and 1 to 8 for the fall your preferred exhibition dates (1 being your first pick, 8 being your last).  Both Summer and Fall Show preferences must be included.


6. Tentative Gallery Floorplan: Also, please provide a rough draft of proposed exhibition floorplan using the Centre Gallery Floorplan provided.




Spring 2016 Tentative Schedules 

Exhibition dates for the Summer and Fall 2016 season are listed on the proposal form. This form can be accessed be following the above link in red or by using this url ( ) . Exhibition dates listed are tentative; final exhibition dates will be confirmed in writing. Also, remember that the gallery is subject to closings due to holidays observed by the University of South Florida and to the schedule of the Marshall Student Center.

*The gallery is subject to closings in accordance with holidays observed by USF and the Marshall Student Center.


If you have any questions, contact the gallery at (813) 974-5464 or





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Images of the gallery space: