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Tampa, FL (Feb. 8- 19, 2016)

Centre Gallery presents: ‘Deeper Insight,’ a group exhibition including Michael Covello, Craig Hanson and Walter Matthews curated by Nadia Ivanova. These artists have abandoned representational imagery, challenging the viewers to primarily engage with their work through the experience of color, shape and the materiality of the mediums used.  Considerable acuity is necessary when encountering these multiplex paintings.

With no narratives to support any type of interpretation to guide the viewer, they are left with only the actuality of the works themselves.  All of the artists in the show have attained lavish aesthetic qualities within their paintings, which depending on the experience of the audience they can manifest themselves thorough a range of oppositional or harmonious experiences.

These new works will form alluring environment with both subtle and vivid colors. Strokes of paint and shapes that push and pull on each other will actively take part of inserting itself as materiality.

Our opening reception, DessART, will be the first Monday of the show Feb. 8th from 12-1 pm. Dessert and refreshments will be provided.
The Closing Reception will be held on Friday Feb. 19th from 7-9 pm. Snacks and refreshments will be provided.

All Centre Gallery exhibits and receptions are free and open to the public.

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