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Tampa, FL (March 21- April 1, 2016)

Centre Gallery presents ‘Body Trouble,’ a collaborative exhibition between artists Ben Galaday and Brandon Geurts. These artists’ collective bodies of work use different methods to explore issues of the flesh. Our figures are caught in a perpetual state of transformation, taking on numerous liminal appearances. The mere act of pictorial or sculptural representation locks the figures into a stasis where miniscule changes become the defining features of their existence. In a sense, we ascribe meaning to something that may be entirely minimal. Through this process, the acts of objectification and idealization are called into question.

Their work uses the tropes and characteristics of what some might consider “low art” to further the process of transformation. From the primitive impulses of extreme metal and hardcore punk to the kitschy concepts of pulp art, we seek to repurpose these naïve concepts and harness them to create confusing contexts.

There’s a pulp to punk, and a punk to pulp.

Our opening reception, DessART, will be the first Monday of the show Mar. 21st from 12-1 pm. Dessert and refreshments will be provided.
The Closing Reception will be held on Friday April 1st from 7-9 pm. Snacks and refreshments will be provided.

All Centre Gallery exhibits and receptions are free and open to the public.


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