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The Centre Gallery at the University of South Florida wishes to publicize its events and exhibitions to all types of mediums. Hover over the “Press Box” tab to explore the “Current Show” press release, as well as past exhibition press releases.

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Our shows are frequently picked up by Tampa Bay Times, Creative Loafing, and The USF Oracle.

Centre Gallery in the Media:

DigiMazing By John Shirk, Lindsay Scoggins, Scott Draft, Samuel Bishop, and Adrian Errico

USF Oracle:

Fragile Suburbia by Gabriel Ramos

USF Oracle:

Nothing to Lose by Darryl Richardson

USF Oracle:

And Freedom For All, Office of Multicultural Affairs

USF Oracle


Bookmarks, Co-curated by Wendy Dickinson and Patrick Lindhardt, Fall2010

USF Oracle


Artefacto Cultural by G.B. Stephens, Fall 2010

USF Oracle: Centre Gallery gets ‘Cultural’


Synchronicity by Fred Pirone

USF Oracle: Synchronized Photo Shooting

Synchronized Photo Shooting

Redefining Landscape: Processes of Intrusion and Destruction by Katia Setti

USF Oracle: This land is your ‘Landscape’

This Land is Your 'Landscape'

34th Annual Student Art Exhibition

USF Oracle: Students on Display

Creative Loafing: Student Art Exhibit and Art History Research Paper Competition

A Fairy Tale Gone Wrong

USF Oracle: Happily Ever After The Breakup

Creative Loafing: A Fairy Tale Gone Wrong at the Centre Gallery


The Oracle: Student Secrets

Creative Loafing: (PostSecret Event) PostSecret National Tour to Visit USF

We’re Still Alive!

The Oracle:  Art is Alive at the Centre Gallery

Creative Loafing: Exhibit Openings: We’re Still Alive

So You Think You Can Paint?

Creative Loafing: On the Radar: So You Think You Can Paint; Upcoming Arts & Events

The Oracle: Open Gallery Attracts Artistic Students

Tampa Bay Times: So You Think You Can Paint?

a semblance

Creative Loafing: Do It Today: A semblance


The Oracle: Sensory Overload

Creative Loafing: Do It Today: Hyperventilate!


Cretive Loafing: Do It Today: kthx;)!!1!

Bare Particulars…

Creative Loafing: Do It Today: Bare Particulars

Self-Portrait at 22

The Oracle: Art from Adversity

Greatest Hits: Centre Gallery Past and Present

Creative Loafing: Greatest Hits: Centre Gallery Past and Present


Creative Loafing: Gallery Shows at Local Universities