• Motoko Hunting and Daniel Mantilla:  Conversations
  • Chelsea Goodwin:  In my Pocket Out to Sea: On the condiction of longing and the hobby of collecting
  • Heather Pridemore:  The End
  • James Ayers and Michael Clarke:  The Institute for Midwest Research Presents: The Bulletin of Findings of Culture, Society and Peoples of the Midwestern States
  • First National BFA/BA Juried Exhibition
  • Justin DeMutiis:  Intimate Landscapes
  • Kris-Derek Hechevarria:  Art Breaking the Silence
  • Taylor Robenalt:  Mono No Aware


  • Kelly Coulson:  An Exhibition of Portraits
  • Felicia Stamp:  Family Portrait
  • Caitlin Riggleman:  Twenty-Four Cents: An In-depth Experiment in Mail Art


  • Denton Crawford:  Snow Birds and Sandcastles
  • Shannon Richie-Lindsey and Melanie Monahan:  Your Bill… Our Rights…
  • Daniel Mantilla and Michelle Rainey:  Appearances
  • Elisa Iezzi:  Measuring & Mapping Methods of a Directionally Challenged Female
  • John Sims:  Rhythm of Structure: Beyond the Mathematics
  • Kris – Derek Hechevarria:  Openings
  • Works inspired by summer studies in Paris:  Dérive
  • Shane Hoffman:  Beyond The Barren City of Black Clouds and Rain: The Birth of the Twin Red Birds