• Desireé D’Alessandro:  ELUSIVE: Explore the gaps in perception and understanding
  • USF School of Architecture and Community Design
  • Hamo Bahnam:  The Birth of Democracy
  • Kris-Derek Hechevarria and Matthew Schlagbaum:  Space of Abjection
  • The Filberts:  Spectrum of Spaces
  • Second National BFA/BA Juried Exhibition
  • Mimi Harrill & James Reiman:  Coming to Terms
  • The Contraceptualists:  The Contraceptualists End of The Year Hoodang: a Hoodang to end all Hoodangs


  • Katherine Barnes:  From Inside to Out
  • Taylor Robenalt:  The Leg Business
  • Maria Albornoz and Kim Johnson:  [CONNECT / DISCONNECT]
  • Deon Blackwell, Adam Kitzerow, and Vincent Kral:  I’ve got a bad feeling about this…


  • Works inspired by the writing of George Bataille:  Covered in blood, I locked her in the wardrobe and something incredible happened!
  • James Reiman:  Muscle Bound
  • Deon Blackwell:  8 bit series: Pixels and Power-ups
  • Hiroki Haraguchi:  Poached Wonderland & Transmutative Nano-Resonant Technology
  • USF PhotoClub:  Doppelgänger
  • Matthew Schlagbaum:  Stranger Things
  • Works inspired by summer studies in Paris:  Je veux l’art
  • A Centre Gallery Juried Exhibition:  What You Get for the Money